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"Buyer's Information"
You will find that utilizing the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) will help you to quickly find the house of your dreams. Securing a reputable realtor like Regina Guidry will definitely simplify the entire process of purchasing a home. Make sure that you give her a call today!

The Guidry Realty Group is making the MLS available online which will help you to locate a home that will meet your needs.

"Helpful Tips When Buying a Home"
Check Your Credit Reports... Every lender will check your credit history prior to approving your home loan. Make sure that you check your credit reports and fix any blemishes that may need attention. Under federal law, you’re entitled to one free credit report every year from each of the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Simply click here to check your credit reports now.

Get Pre-Qualified For a Home Loan... After you have checked your credit reports, visit your lender and get pre-qualified for a home loan. By doing so, you will know the maximum amount that you can borrow. The seller will also appreciate the fact that you are pre-qualified and may be more receptive to negotiate the sales price.

Search For an Energy-Efficient Home... Although you cannot avoid expenses such as insurance and taxes, you are definitely in a position to select a home that is energy-efficient which will save you thousands of dollars over the years in energy costs. You should also determine if the quality of the insulation will provide low energy costs. Double-pane windows can save you as much as 15-20% on your utility bills compared to single-pane windows.

Location is a Major Concern... A major concern for most families is to find a home in an acceptable school district for their children. The amount of property taxes should be taken into consideration when searching for a home since one area may have higher taxes than another. Also keep in mind that an area that is subject to flooding may require the added expense of Flood Insurance.

Hire a Licensed Home Inspector... After finding a suitable home, make sure that you hire a reputable Home Inspector that will inspect the property and will let you know of any needed repairs or of any structural problems discovered. Generally speaking, the owner will be responsible to fix all needed repairs found by the Home Inspector.

Newer Homes Have Less Financial Risks... Several factors should be carefully considered if you are contemplating the purchase of an older home because of the potential expenses involved. Will the roof need to be replaced shortly? When will the heating and air conditioning unit need repair or replacement? Will you need to replace electrical wiring or could there be plumbing issues in the near future? If you don't have available cash to handle these potential problems, you might consider purchasing a newer home.

Prioritize Your Preferences... Create a detailed list of what's really important to you and your family. While compiling your list, take into consideration the location, the condition of the home, the maximum price that you are willing to pay, the exterior of the home, the garage or carport, the landscaping and all of the amenities in the home that you would really like to have. Chances are, you will never find a home that will provide you with every item on your list so be prepared to make some sacrifices.
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